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The Art of Virgina Mori

Italian illustrator Virginia Mori has a unique stroke that combines the technique of instinctive drawing, mostly in pen or pencil, with a world of contents that seem to be her thoughts, her dreams, which she manages to transfer onto paper with great skill and indisputable creativity.

Her surrealist visions include the presence of people, women and girls to whom she gives a rhythm of life and thought that is always full of reflection. Her works are pensive, spare, tense, with some degree of poignancy and magic, and really beautiful. Her drawings combine an absolute simplicity of perception with multiple, perhaps infinite possibilities of interpretation; because in the end this is the artistic representation, the creation of a world in which ideas reign freely waiting for the viewer to give them meaning. Virginia is not only an illustrator, but also an animator and director. View her work here.

by Beatrice Cappucci


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