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IllustrationZone is a boutique illustration and animation agency exclusively representing a selected group of award winning artists from around the world, handpicked for their unique talent, originality and international experience.
With offices in the Netherlands (The Hague) and the USA (NYC), we operate worldwide.

Learn more about our artists here.


“We are always more than happy with Wai’s beautiful work. She’s wonderful to communicate with, works together with us seamlessly and always does her best to make sure we share the same creative direction. Absolutely recommend her!”

Phoebe Song, Founder, SnowFox Skincare

Meet The Artists

Adam Niklewicz, illustrator

Adam Niklewicz

Adam Niklewicz’s concept-driven work has been recognized by The Society of Illustrators, American Illustration, The Society of Publication Designers, Communication Arts, Print, Idea Magazine (Tokyo, Japan).


He's done covers for Newsweek and Time.  Other clients include The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, The Washington Post, U.S.News & World Report, Corriere della Sera, and countless others. 


He lives in Connecticut, USA with his wife and a dog.

Clemence Pollet, illustrator

Clémence Pollet

Clemence Pollet (b. 1985) is an acclaimed French illustrator based in Amiens, France. 

She has illustrated more than thirty children books that have sold internationally and were translated in several languages. 

Her distinctive approach to colour and use of a wide range of techniques, ranging from printmaking to the digital, serve a deeply personal universe where animals and human figures blend in astonishing compositions.

After studying in Paris, Strasbourg (France) and Bologna (Italy) where she specialized in illustration and etching, her illustrations quickly gained the attention of the public and professionals.


Her work was included in major international exhibitions such as the prestigious Bologna Illustrators Exhibition (2007, Italy). She was awarded the Best First Book Prize at the Montreuil Children Book Fair (2009, France) and her adaptation of the famous Chinese legend La Ballade de Mulan won a Chen Bochui award at the 2015 International Shanghai Book Fair.


Danlin Zhang, illustrator

Danlin Zhang

Danlin is an award winning illustrator based in New York, originally from China. She is currently an Adjunct Professor at Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA) teaching in the Illustration Department.


Danlin does editorial, advertising, books, and is up for any challenge.


She loves to travel, and her experiences are filled with vivid memories of world cultures and the many magical imaginings that extend from them, all of which continue to inspire her.

Glenda Sburelin, illustrator

Glenda Sburelin

Glenda Sburelin is an Italian illustrator. She studied Advertising Graphics and Photography in her hometown of Pordenone, then her passion for drawing brought her closer to illustration.

Her work is inspired by the world of Art, Photography and Cinema, from which she draws compositional, chromatic and stylistic inspiration. Metaphor and symbolic language are the expressive tool of her works: "Life is always creation, unpredictability and at the same time automatic preservation of the entire past." Henri Bergson.

The techniques she uses are acrylic, inks, watercolor, gouache and monotype, and sometimes digital.


She has taken part to numerous Exhibitions and has also participated in Contemporary Art Reviews in Italy and abroad and in Collectives of artist's books.

In 2009 the "8th IBBY Regional Conference" of Northwestern University of Chicago included her among the 23 best illustrators selected for the exhibition at the Bologna Children's Book Fair, the following year it would be the "dpi" magazine to count her among the 12 best illustrators of the Bolognese festival, exhibiting her works in two exhibitions in Taiwan: “In Fingers, Extra Space” (Creative Park for Taipei toy Festival, Taipei) and “Imaginary Fairy Wonderland - dpi International Group Exhibition” (Kaohsiung City). 


She has illustrated about fifty children's books with Italian Publishers and various European and non-European Countries: 

She currently teaches at the Štěpán Zavřel International School of Illustration in Sarmede.

Mary's Self Portrait

Mary Haasdyk Vooys

Mary Haasdyk is a Calgary-based illustrator working in editorial, publishing and public art.


She brings a fresh perspective with her emotive and playful illustrations, and enjoys the challenge of finding unexpected visual solutions.


Her work has been recognized by Spectrum Fantastic Arts, American Illustration, Society of Illustrators West and Applied Arts. 

Oleg's Self Portrait

Oleg Buyevsky

Oleg is an illustrator and artist primarily engaged in magazine and editorial illustration work. His current clients include The Washington Post, Wired, Esquire, RBC, Red Bull, Jacobin Magazine, ChillHop Music and many others.


He successfully combines in his work the tendencies of modern illustration, the aesthetics of classical illustration to create vibrant and bold works.


Such a mix enables Oleg to see each task from a new angle, giving his illustrations a reasonable amount of eccentricity and madness. He looks at the world carefully in order to notice beauty even in non-obvious places, this is the main idea behind ​his work.

Anagh Banerjee

Anagh Banerjee is an award-winning Indian illustrator, printmaker and designer based in Brooklyn, New York. His work has been commissioned by The New Yorker, The New York Times, and The Folio Society, among other publishers. Anagh has an MFA in Illustration from the School of Visual Arts, New York, and his work has been recognised by the likes of American Illustration, The Society of Illustrators LA, and 3x3. He has an on-going personal project on the Partition of the Indian subcontinent that has been exhibited at several prestigious organisations such as Brooklyn Public Library, NY, St. Remy de Provence, France, The Art League, Alexandria and, Evanston Art Center, Illinois among others.

Self Portrait Darya

Darya Shnykina

Darya Shnykina is an artist and illustrator with experience in editorial, advertising and corporate projects.  With her restrained and soothing color palette, she captures calm, introspective moments in her artwork.


Using a sketchy, wavering line, she’s able to humanize and personify emotions. Although created using digital techniques, Darya’s artwork retains the charm of traditional material and textures.

After studying Graphics and Illustration, Darya began her professional career. In 2017 she won the Book Illustration Competition run by the Folio Society and the House of Illustration (London, UK), in 2018 was shortlisted in the Communication Arts Annual (USA) and won the Merit Award in 3X3 Illustration Annual in 2019. Her work was selected by Creative Boom in 25 of the best illustration projects in 2020. 


Darya has been published in a number of books and publications, as well as exhibited in various galleries and fairs. She also had an opportunity to start her own illustration short course at Adobe and is regularly invited to give workshops & lectures.

Dima Kashtalyan

Dima's Self Portrait

Dima Kashtalyan is an artist, illustrator and street artist from Minsk, Belarus.

He uses a detailed technique which he calls dot-work, pointillism or stippling. He started with classic graffiti art, to then develop into art for exhibits as well as commercial illustration.

The main rule he follows in his work is honesty driven by the awareness that he is responsible before the audience. Believing that creative work is an extremely important part of human life, he feels it should be treated with care and intelligence.

Dima's pictures are a reflection of his inner world, emotions, life and principles. Before creating new work, he carefully thinks through the idea, the message and the artistic means by which he will get his point across.

In his art Dima always brings up some issues relevant to modern society and to individuals. To this end, he often uses well-known objects and give them a non-standard form and a symbolic meaning.

Dima has taken part to numerous exhibitions and street art festivals and his clients include 

AFAR Media, Lavazza, 

Entertainment Weekly, Vista Jet

Reichl und Partner, The Vinum

We are Talents and various others.

jay's Self Portrait

Jay Vollmar

Inspired by rock posters, skateboard graphics, and printmaking, Jay Vollmar’s illustration work reflects the tactile and often imperfect qualities of hand produced silkscreen prints.


He strives to combine concept with simple, bold imagery to visually tell stories in a concise and thoughtful manner.


Jay’s work has been recognized by Communication Arts, Print Magazine, and 3x3 Illustration as well as several rock poster and printmaking books.

Melcher oosterman, illustrator

Melcher Oosterman

Melcher Oosterman is a freelance illustrator based in the Netherlands. His work consists of an eclectic mix of colourful, vibrant and detailed worlds inhabited by lively characters. Ever channeling his fascination for the awkward and absurd, Melcher likes to tell stories and celebrate the imagination. He navigates between editorial and commercial work whilst always having a personal project on the go. Melcher graduated from Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam with a BA in Illustration in 2021.

Clients include: de Volkskrant, Vice, Berliner Zeitung, De Correspondent, Illustratie Biennale, Groot Handelsgebouw, One World, Vers Beton, Wobby Club,
Ministerie van Volksgezondheid and more.

Shane Cluskey, illustrator

Shane Cluskey

Shane Cluskey is an illustrator from Galway. He aims to tell a story in his pictures using dynamic composition with bold and deliberate use of colour, drawing your attention exactly where it needs to go.

After completing a residency in the School of Visual Arts, New York he moved to London for 4 years, working as an illustrator. He did further education with the Illustration Academy in Kansas City and now resides in his hometown.


His work has been recognized by the Society of Illustrators and American Illustration and has worked with such clients as The New Yorker, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, Atheneum books / Simon & Schuster and Politico.

Maria's Self Portrait

Maria Cardelli

Maria is an illustrator, artist and fashion designer from Rome. She lived in NYC for a few years and worked as a footwear and accessories designer, while also continuing to paint and take part to art exhibits around the world including the Biennale of Modern Art. She eventually transitioned into commercial illustration and moved back to Europe.


Maria now lives in the Netherlands where she continues to design, paint and illustrate. Her work has been recognised by 200 Best Illustrators published by Luerzer's Archive, Illustration Now, published by Taschen, International Contemporary Masters Vol. V by Worldwide Art Books and various fashion illustration publications.

Her illustration clients include The Times, Vogue, Cosmopolitan, The Boston Globe, Time Out NY, Telecom, Bio, Architectural Digest, The New York Times, Penguin books, Papyrus and various others.

As she is currently very busy repping this fantastic group of artists, she is not taking on any commissions.

Ben Pearce, illustrator

Ben Pearce

Ben Pearce is an illustrator and animation director based in the UK. He’s worked as a design director on digital projects for a wide range of high profile international clients including Google, Facebook, BBC, Deliveroo, Adidas, Reebok, Magners, Kellogg's and Toyota to name a few. 


Ben recently worked as a designer and animation director on “The Headspace Guide to Meditation”, an animated TV series for Headspace aired on Netflix in 2021. The series won a Daytime EMMY Award 2022 for Outstanding Main Title and Graphic Design.


Working both digitally and with traditional media such as pencils, pens, ink and brushes, Ben creates striking and energetic images of cityscapes, urban scenes, people and landscapes. His work explores reduction and minimalism and features limited colour palettes, high contrast, expressive mark making and the interplay between positive and negative space. Ben divides his time between London and the countryside in the West of England. His drawings are an attempt to capture moments from his life in these contrasting environments.


Danjel Zezelj

Danijel Žeželj is a graphic novelist, animator, illustrator and painter. He is author of twenty five graphic novels and eight short animation movies.

His work has been published by DC Comics, Marvel, Dark Horse, Heavy Metal, Image, Glénat, Dargaud, Eris Edizioni, The New York Times, Harper’s Magazine, etc.

Since 1997 he has created a series of multimedia performances merging live painting with live music. They premiered in Europe and the USA.
In 2001 in Zagreb, Croatia he has co-founded a publishing house and graphic workshop Petikat.
He lives and works in Brooklyn and Zagreb.

Interview with Dossier Magazine

Dominic Bugatto, illustrator

Dominic Bugatto

Dominic was born in Bradford , England and spent his formative years growing up in the West end of Montreal.


He works primarily as an illustrator and a Photographer. Some of his clients have included : The New York Times , Wall St Journal , Vanity Fair, The Hollywood Reporter & The Washington Post .


His work has been featured in TASCHEN’s Illustration Now Vol 5, Communication Arts , U.S. Library of Congress and he is also a Clio Award Winner .

Jorge Gonzalez, illustrator

Jorge  González

(Buenos Aires, 1970). Jorge has lived in Spain for almost twenty years. His book "Fueye / Bandonéon" won in 2009 the First Prize for Graphic Novel FNAC-Sinsentido. He also published the children's stories "La Cueva del Bandolero" and "Kinú y la ley de Amarok"; The BD "Hard Story" and "Hate Jazz", together with Horacio Altuna, "Mendigo / Le Vagabond" with a script by Carlos Jorge; "Fuenteovejuna", "The Odyssey" (SM). "Dear Patagonia / Chère Patagonie" during 2011 for Dupuis and Sins Entido. He is the author of the animated short film "Jazz song" and collaborates with "The New Yorker". It has been part of the Orsai project since its inception and has already published "El gran surubí". "The Lord of the Flies" (Books of the red fox), "Memories of the subsoil" (Sixth Floor), "Barbosa the Pirate" (Mammoth), "Retour au Kosovo" (Dupuis), "Maudit Allende!" (Futuropolis), “Mecániques du fouet” (Futuropolis) “La Flamme” (Dupuis) ​​are his latest publications.

Lorenzo's Self Portrait

Lorenzo Conti

Lorenzo is an Italian artist. He was born in 1988 in Tivoli and lives and works in Rome. After graduating at Officina B5 School of Illustration, he started working as a freelance illustrator for Italian and international clients in editorial, publishing, advertising

and music artist.

In 2020 and 2021 his works were selected for the Annual illustration award, one of the most authoritative and comprehensive Italian publications of the illustrated image in Italy and Europe, and in 2016 he received the popular prize at the Tapirulan illustration contest.

In 2015 he worked on background illustrations for an animated short film called "Black" produced by So What Pictures.

Some of Lorenzo's clients include

Mondadori, Edizioni EL Einaudi Ragazzi, Eli Publishing, Pelledoca Editore, Datum Magazine, So What Pictures, Shanghai EP Books, Enable Leisure and Culture, Boston University Today website, Il Foglio Sportivo.

Michael's self portrait

Michael Meister

Michael studied graphic design in Bern in the early 80s. and initially worked as a freelance artist and Exposition Designer for Museums, Swiss advertising companies, newspapers, and magazines.

His work took him to Paris, Italy, and Germany, where he worked for companies such as Daimler-Chrysler, and eventually to New York, where he lived for a few years. He now lives with his family near Basel in Switzerland.

Michael has created illustrations for clients all over Europe, Hong Kong, and the USA.

Michael Waraksa, illustrator

Michael Waraksa

Michael Waraksa is a Milwaukee, WI USA based artist/illustrator. He has exhibited his work around the world and his illustrations have appeared in numerous publications.
Some of his clients/collaborations include The New York Times, TIME, Vox Media, Golf Digest, Pentagram, Stanford Medicine and The Los Angeles Times. His work has been recognized by Society of Illustrators, American Illustration, Communication Arts, Society of Publication Designers, 3X3 and Creative Quarterly.

Face You Show-1080.jpg


Wai has been capturing elegant moments for decades. Her style has evolved from her formal studies in fashion, life drawing and design. With refined, flowing shapes and harmonious colour palettes, Wai’s work evokes a sense of timeless beauty.

Theatre is alive, illustration by Virginia Mori

Virginia Mori

Virginia is an Illustrator and Animation director based in Milan and Pesaro. She studied animation and design at the State Art Institute in Urbino. During this time she nurtured and honed her distinctive artistic imagination.

Virgina's favourite media are pencil, ink, and ballpoint pen on paper.


In 2008 she won the “SRG Idee Suisse” prize at the “Annecy Call for Project” during the International Festival of Animation at Annecy, France. This enabled her to produce her first short film, “il gioco del silenzio” (“The Play of Silence”), which has won nominations and accolades at international events, launching her career as an illustrator and director of animated shorts.


Virginia' clients include galleries like Withstand (Milan), for whom she created the illustrations for the video “Walt Grace’s Submarine Test, January 1967” by John Mayer, directed by Virgilio Villoresi and the animated book “Vento”, Blu Gallery (Bologna).

Other clients inckude Fendi (Rome), Valentino (Milan), Galleria Disastro (Milan) and 25Films (Paris), Club Sensible Gallery (Paris), Pelledoca editore, Penguin Random House (Spain), Edizioni EL, Vogue Arts, Gucci, Feltrinelli editore, Bollati e Boringhieri, Mini, Sammontana, Film Tv magazine, and various others.

Martin French, illustrator

Martin French

Martin's distinctive style, an interplay of marks, signs, and symbols has been recognized internationally for its dynamic visual exploration of life and culture. His work spans a diverse media context including album covers, postage stamps, street murals, picture books, visual essays & animated commercials. Martin’s illustrated posters are central to his body of work and are exhibited worldwide.

In 2006 Martin began an association with the Pacific Northwest College of Art where he designed the BFA in Illustration program. He currently serves as department chair.  

A California native, Martin grew up in the Bay Area and is a graduate of ArtCenter College of Design in Pasadena. He worked as a design director at Microsoft for 8 years before opening his own studio in 1996. 

Selected clients: American Airlines, American Express, Apple, Atlantic Monthly, Bank of America, Barneys New York, Coca-Cola, Columbia Pictures, Discovery Channel, DreamWorks, ESPN, Fila, Foreign Policy Magazine, The Gap, Gatorade, Grammy Awards, Guinness, Hardy's Winery (Australia), Hershey's, Holland America Cruise Lines, Honda Motorcycles, House of Blues, Island Records, Jazz at Lincoln Center, Joffrey Ballet, John Deere, JVC Jazz Festival, Kate Spade New York, Major League Baseball, Macy’s, McDonald’s, Microsoft, Nagano Winter Olympics, National Geographic, NBA, New York Times, NFL, NHL, Nickelodeon, Nike, Nintendo, Nokia, Oracle, Pepsi, Rossignol, Sony Entertainment, Sports Illustrated,  Time/Warner, United States Postal Service, Warner Brothers.

Matt Rota, illustrator

Matt Rota

A graduate of The Maryland Institute College of Art and the School of Visual Art, Matt is an illustrator, author and instructor.


He has spent the past 15 years working with clients in print and online including the New York Times, the New Yorker, Penguin Books, The LA Times, The Washington Post, Foreign Policy, The New Republic, Smithsonian, Variety, Buzzfeed, and many others.


His illustrations focus primarily on global politics, criminal justice, social inequality, immigration and poverty.


Over the past ten years he has taught illustration at the Maryland Institute College of Art and The School of Visual Arts. Matt has written two books on drawing, has an extensive exhibition career internationally, and is senior curator at

Interview with Dossier Magazine

What the Artists Say

I feel very lucky. to have been found by Maria and to have her as my agent. The best part for me is the great relationship we’ve built, it’s like working with a good friend. Her trust, support, kindness and confidence in my skills always motivate me. She’s an experienced professional who really knows the market and does her job with great passion and efficiency. Darya Shnykina, Illustrator 

IllustrationZone is the agency I was looking for, I found great availability and support. Maria is very active, she is highly reliable and passionate about her work in promoting her team of artists, looking for projects tailored to each of us.
She knows how to identify the different potentials and enhance them in the right areas. Over time she has been able to build a differentiated group, thus guaranteeing space and motivation to each illustrator represented. Glenda Sburelin, illustrator

Having Maria as my agent is like having an encouraging, inspiring, and determined friend by my side as I work, I feel well taken care of in her experienced hands.  Wai, Illustrator

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