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Do you need an illustrator or animator for your project?

We would be happy to help, and we will need the following information:

How many illustrations are needed and the approximate size

Complexity of illustrations, as this will also determine how long it will take the artist to create the image. It will be very helpful if you are able to indicate a few examples from the artist's portfolio which are representative of what you have in mind

Usage: What will the illustrations/animations be used for? (Example: editorial, advertising, posters, packaging, etc)

How long will you need to use the illustration, exclusively?
In most cases the artist retains the copyrights to the image and we would sell you exclusive usage for a period of time. In the event of an artwork created for a logo or as part of branding, a client may require the purchase of the copyrights. However, the fees will be significantly higher. 

Territory where they will be used

Have you already chosen an artist or do you need help/suggestions? If you need help, we can discuss the project and find the most suitable solution.

Please contact us if you have any questions!  


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