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Recent Works by our Artists

Updated: Apr 8

Adam Niklewicz for Kiplinger

Dima Kashtalyan for Harper's Magazine, for the article "In Search of Lost Time.

The science of the perfect second" By Tom Vanderbilt

Danlin Zhang: Cover art for the book The Storm Singers, written by Michael Boccardi and published by IronWorks Studios

photo of books © Iron Works Studios Publishing

Mary Haasdyk Vooys for Harvard magazine, for the article When “Failure” Means Success by Josie Abugov

Danijel Zezelj for Harper's, for the article "NO VACANCY. Can empty houses help solve homelessness?" By Wes Enzinna

Matt Rota, for The New York Times, for an article about dealing with being laid off.

Jorge González illustrated "A father’s guide to Nabokov’s Berlin", by Ryan Ruby, for Harper's Magazine

Lorenzo Conti for The New York Times, for the book reviews of The Unfortunates, by J. K. Chukwu and Trespasses, by Louise Kennedy

Dominic Bugatto for Macleans Magazine, for a review of Yellowjackets which raises the question "How far would you go to survive?"

Shane Cluskey book cover illustration & hand lettering for author Samara Shanker

Jay Vollmar, series of illustrations for a special section of The Washington Post dedicated to AI and its effects on the arts.

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