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American Illustration Winning Works

Congratulations to Matt, Michael, Melcher and Martin!

Selected Winner AI43

"A filmmaker was producing a documentary series on the Iran hostage crisis. Then her father went missing overseas"..

The story was written by Lucy Sexton and her father Joe Sexton, and recalls the time when Joe was kidnapped in Libya. The illustration is one of a series.

Matt Rota: Cover for Texas Monthly, July 2023 issue

Selected Winner AI43

illustrating a true crime story about a murder in Stephenville

Michael Waraksa: "Malted Mothball Moratorium”, personal work,

Chosen Winner AI43. The collage has also been recognized with Merit 3X3 Pro Show 20

Chosen Winner AI43

To illustrate an article about a baker, his dreams and his secret recipes for his

Guerrilla Cookies

Martin French, personal works

Chosen Winners AI43

Wes100 also received a Gold award from Illustration West 62 and was selected by The Society of Illustrators - SOI n. 66

I hope you enjoyed viewing the artworks, do not hesitate to get in touch!



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