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NewsZone: Latest News and Works from our Artists

Updated: Apr 8

Shane Cluskey: Pet Project, for Harvard Business School

Lorenzo Conti: Cover Art for the book "Don't Ask if I'm OK", written by Jessica Kara and published by PageStreet Publishing.

The illustration was selected by the jury of the Italian illustration competition "Autori D'Immagini". Find more award winning works in our Awards section of the website.

Virginia Mori: Panic Attack, for Harper's

Ben Pearce: Blue Note Jazz Festival, for The New Yorker

Clémence Pollet for The Washington Post

Jay Vollmar for the summer tour of music band CAKE

Darya Shnykina: Women's prisons and sexual assaults, Deseret News

Michael Meister: Marriage & Parenting, for Focus On The Family

Michael Waraksa: New York Times Real Estate cover.

Buying or Selling a Home? Welcome to the Year of Disappointment

Wai: Travel reflections

Glenda Sburelin: one of the artworks from the book "Écoute" (Listen), recently published in France by Balivernes

Danlin Zhang: How community and faith helped Tonga rise from the ashes, for

Deseret News

Mary Haasdyk Vooys: Europe's Parliament of Bullies, for Politico Europe

Danijel Zezelj: Frank Zappa, commissioned by a private collector, painting in ink and acrylics on paper.

Matt Rota, for Harper's

Discrimination in Housing Allocations, for Inside Housing UK

Jorge González for The Washington Post, for Poetry Month

Dominic Bugatto for The West End Phoenix

Martin French: Juneteenth. Poster celebrating and honoring the fight for freedom.

Dima Kashtalyan: commissioned by a private collector, ink on paper

Adam Niklewicz: part of a series for EducationWeek

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