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Graphic Novels by Danijel Zezelj

The above is just a small selection of the numerous graphic novels illustrated by Danijel. Here is a full list:

RECALL, Invader Comics, 2022
IL CAPO DEI CERVI (DEER CHIEF), Eris Edizioni, Italy, 2022
SRCE / HEART, Petikat, Croatia, 2021
POGLAVICA JELENA / DEER CHIEF, Petikat, Croatia, 2021; Eris Edizioni, Italy, 2022
VAN GOGH, Glénat Editions, France, 2020; Eris Edizioni, Italy, 2020; Petikat, Croatia, 2020; Insektenhaus Verlag, Germany, 2021
DAYS OF HATE, written by Ales Kot; Image, USA, 2018; Eris Edizioni, Italy, 2019; Non Stop Comics, Poland, 2019
LES PÉDÉS, written by Jelena Paljan; Mosquito, France, 2018; Petikat, Croatia, 2018
STARVE, written by Brian Wood; Image, USA, 2016; Urban Comics, France, 2017
CHAPERON ROUGE, Mosquito, France; 2015; Petikat, Croatia, 2016; Eris Edizioni, Italy, 2018; Insektenhaus Verlag, Germany, 2019
TOMSK-7, Mosquito, France, 2014
BABILON, Mosquito, France, 2013; Petikat, Croatia, 2013; Eris Edizioni, Italy, 2017; Hinabook, China, 2018
DES DIEUX ET DES HOMMES, written by Jean-Pierre Dionnet; Dargaud, France, 2012; Panini, Italy, 2012
INDUSTRIAL, Grifo Edizioni, Italy, 2010; Petikat, Croatia, 2011; Mosquito, France, 2012
SEX & VIOLENCE, Grifo Edizioni, Italy, 2009; Mosquito, France, 2010; Insektenhaus Verlag, Germany, 2020
LUNA PARK, written by Kevin Baker; DC Comics/Vertigo, USA, 2009; Magic Press, Italy, 2014
KING OF NEKROPOLIS, Hazard Edizioni, Italy, 2007; Mosquito, France, 2008; Ex Abrupto, Argentina, 2009; Kvadrat, Croatia, 2016
DEDICATED TO CHAOS, Petikat, Croatia, 2007
STRAY DOGS, ISGM/Charta, USA, 2005; Edizioni Di, Italy, 2007
SMALL HANDS, Petikat, Croatia, 2004; Edizioni Di, Italy, 2005
CABALLO, Petikat, Croatia, 2004
REFLEX, Petikat, Croatia, 2003
STAZIONE TOPOLO`, Grifo Edizioni, Italy, 2002
BOLIVIAN DARK, Petikat, Croatia, 2002
CALL: WAGON, written by Chuck Austen; Marvel, USA, 2002
DEAD MEN RUNNING, written by Darko Macan, Marvel, USA, 2002; Fibra, Croatia, 2012
24 HOURS, Grifo Edizioni, Italy, 2002
RINZOL, Petikat, Croatia, 2001
CORINTHIAN-DEATH IN VENICE, written by Darko Macan, DC Comics/Vertigo, USA, 2002;  Mosquito, France, 2004
EL DIABLO, written by Brian Azzarello; DC Comics/Vertigo, USA, 2001; Planeta De Agostini, Italy, 2011
AIR MEXICO, Clandestino, USA, 2000
IL SORRISO DI MAJAKOVSKIJ, Edizioni Di, Italy, 2000
REVE DE BETON, Mosquito, France, 2000
CONGO BILL, written by Scott Cunningham; DC Comics/Vertigo, USA, 1999; Mosquito, France, 2000; Magic Press, Italy, 2001
INVITATION A LA DANSE, Mosquito, France, 1999
L’AMORE, Edizioni Di, Italy, 1999
LA PESTE, Edizioni Di, Italy, 1998; Kvadrat, Croatia, 2000; Mosquito, France, 2002
AMAZZONIA, Edizioni Di, Italy, 1998
L’ANGELO STERMINATORE, Edizioni Di, Italy, 1997
PAGLIACCI - IN YOUR EYES - BLUES, written by Ade Capone, Liberty, Italy, 1996
REX, Radio 101, Croatia, 1995; Edizioni Di, Italy, 2000; Mosquito, France, 2001; Optimum Wound, Canada, 2008
SOPHIA, Editori del Grifo, Italy, 1994; X-press & Radio 101, Croatia, 1994; Kvadrat, Croatia, 2012
SUN CITY, Editori del Grifo, Italy, 1994; Kaspar & Radio 101, Croatia, 1993; Coma 22, Italy, 2008
IL RITMO DEL CUORE, Editori del Grifo, Italy, 1993; Mosquito, France, 2005; Grifo Edizioni, 2007
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