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Pei-Hsin's New Book!

Our wonderful Pei-Hsin Cho was recognized with an Award of Excellence at the Bologna Illustration Exhibition (2021) and won the International Award for Illustration Bologna Children’s Book Fair and Fundación SM.

As the winner, she was commissioned to illustrate "The Fisherman and His Soul", by Oscar Wilde.

The book, first published in Spain by Grupo SM in 2022, was just published in Taiwan by Linking Publishing this month. The launch was at the Taipei International Book Exhibition, where Pei-Hsin was interviewed and signed copies of the book.

The making of The Fisherman and His Soul

Pei-Hsin Cho is a Taiwanese visual storyteller with a particular focus on illustration and animation, currently based in London. Her work is narrative-based and revolves around sentimentalism and introspection. She combines traditional and digital mediums to depict a variety of inward feelings that attempt to transcribe subtle emotions into tangible and visually tactile images.

Personal sentiments are always present in Pei-Hsin's atmospheric drawings, wrapped with rational narration to catalyse intimate subjective experiences and memory fragments.

You can view her portfolio HERE

Book signing event in Taiwan, February 2023 - The Fisherman and His Soul

Pei-Hsin Cho's Solo Exhibition at © Bologna Children's Book Fair, 2022

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