Meet The Artists

IllustrationZone is a boutique illustration agency representing a small group of illustrators from around the world, handpicked for their unique talent, originality and international experience. Learn more about them here.

Adam's Self Portrait

Adam Niklewicz

Adam Niklewicz’s concept-driven work has been recognized by The Society of Illustrators, American Illustration, The Society of Publication Designers, Communication Arts, Print, Idea Magazine (Tokyo, Japan).


He's done covers for Newsweek and Time.  Other clients include The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, The Washington Post, U.S.News & World Report, Corriere della Sera, and countless others. 


He lives in Connecticut, USA with his wife and a dog.


Emma Schmid

Emma Schmid is an illustrator from Barcelona, currently living in New York.

Her illustrations have a contemporary style that will raise your mood and make you smile!


Passionate about colour, her work is fun and bright, part of it is targeted to a wide range of public art, and part is created for picture books. She creates characters and colours that are strong and friendly, Emma's illustrations speak loudly. Her positive and joyful work appeals to young and old alike. Emma has worked extensively with publishing, advertising, brands, magazines, greeting cards, toys and more.

Her work had been commissioned worldwide.


Wai's elegant illustrations have evolved from her formal studies in fashion, life drawing and design, developing into a style that is classic, yet different.


Her work has been commissioned by brands such as 3M Scotch and Henniez, magazines such as InStyle and Vogue, newspapers such as The Wall Street Journal and The Age, and publishing houses such as Penguin and St Martins Press.


Wai creates illustrations that tell a timeless story.

Miriam's self portrait

Miriam Martincic

Miriam Martincic is an award-winning illustrator based in Ames, Iowa with a focus on book and editorial work. 


Miriam's illustrations combine her experiences as an artist, stone carver, and graphic designer. She creates well-designed images with a sculptural quality, attention to detail, and a human touch.


Miriam loves to draw dogs, lettering, patterns, and to solve formal and conceptual problems. When she is not drawing, she dances tango.

Michael's self portrait

Michael Meister

Michael studied graphic design in Bern in the early 80s. and initially worked as a freelance artist and Exposition Designer for Museums, Swiss advertising companies, newspapers, and magazines.

His work took him to Paris, Italy, and Germany, where he worked for companies such as Daimler-Chrysler, and eventually to New York, where he lived for a few years. He now lives with his family near Basel in Switzerland.

Michael has created illustrations for clients all over Europe, Hong Kong, New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco.

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Darya Shnykina

Darya Shnykina is an artist and illustrator from Moscow, Russia. With her restrained and soothing color palette, she captures calm, introspective moments in her artwork.


Using a sketchy, wavering line, she’s able to humanize and personify emotions. Although created using digital techniques, Darya’s artwork retains the charm of traditional material and textures.

After entering the Moscow State University of Printing and studying Graphics and Illustration, Darya began her professional career. In 2017 she won the Book Illustration Competition run by the Folio Society and the House of Illustration (London, UK), in 2018 was shortlisted in the Communication Arts Annual (USA) and won the Merit Award in 3X3 Illustration Annual in 2019. Her work was selected by Creative Boom in 25 of the best illustration projects in 2020. 


Darya has been published in a number of books and publications, as well as exhibited in various galleries and fairs. She also had an opportunity to start her own illustration short course at Azbooka Morsa and is regularly invited to give workshops & lectures.

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Mary Haasdyk

Mary Haasdyk is a Calgary-based illustrator working in editorial, publishing and public art.


She brings a fresh perspective with her emotive and playful illustrations, and enjoys the challenge of finding unexpected visual solutions.


Her work has been recognized by Spectrum Fantastic Arts, American Illustration, Society of Illustrators West and Applied Arts. 


Oleg Buyevsky

Oleg is an illustrator and artist from Russia, primarily engaged in magazine and editorial illustration work. His current clients include Esquire Russia, RBC Russia, Red Bull, Jacobin Magazine, ChillHop Music, and many others.


He successfully combines in his work the tendencies of modern illustration, the aesthetics of classical Soviet illustration, and expressive techniques of ancient Russian icons.


Such a mix enables Oleg to see each task from a new angle, giving his illustrations a reasonable amount of eccentricity and madness. He looks at the world carefully in order to notice beauty even in non-obvious places, this is the main idea behind ​his work.


Maria Cardelli

Maria is an illustrator, artist and fashion designer from Rome. She lived in NYC for a few years and worked as a footwear and accessories designer, while also continuing to paint and take part to art exhibits around the world including the Biennale of Modern Art. She eventually transitioned into commercial illustration and moved back to Europe.


Maria now lives in the Netherlands where she continues to design, paint and illustrate. Her work has been recognised by 200 best Illustrators published by Luerzer's Archive, Illustration Now, published by Taschen, International Contemporary Masters Vol. V by World wide Art Books and various fashion illustration publications.

Her illustration clients include The Times, Vogue, Cosmopolitan, The Boston Globe, Time Out NY, Telecom, Bio, Architectural Digest, The New York Times and various others.